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Inspiring professionals to strive, achieve, succeed.

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What we do

What We DO

We empower leaders.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a rising star in your organization, your success depends on your ability to inspire and lead others. With our personalized leadership consultations, you will get the insights, tools, and motivation you need to grow as a leader.

We inspire teams.

At our core, humans have a strong need for connection with others. With our specialized workshops, your team will see how people-centric perspectives help teams work together to develop bias awareness, make meaningful connections, and form a strong sense of belonging.

We support individuals.

Our individual programs are successful because we developed them from a fundamental understanding of how humans work. We can help individuals achieve self-discovery, thrive in a happier workplace, and contribute to a more productive workforce.

How we do it


Tell us your pain points and we’ll recommend the perfect workshop, coaching session, or consultation. Here are some common problems we can help with...


“I’m new to leading a team”

“I need to be a better coach”

“I’m dealing with tough people issues”

“I want us to work better as a team”

“I’m struggling to grow our talent fast enough”

Are you in a unique situation?

Let’s work together to co-design a custom program that’s right for you or your team.

How we do it








WHat We Offer



Choose from pre-existing training sessions or customize your own program to effect the most meaningful change at your organization.



Get the insights you need to unlock
self-discovery, improve relationships, and perform at the highest level possible.  



What are you struggling with? Where do you seek improvement? We will work with you to simplify processes and identify solutions.

An innovative people leader with
an exceptional record of

  • Growing talent

  • Generating peak performance

  • Driving people powered results  

Sesha is the president and founder of On the Mark Consulting. She is a leadership consultant and trainer with more than 15 years of experience as a business leader. Her mission? To implement programs that empower leaders, inspire teams, and support individuals in competitive industries.

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Sesha has the rare ability to envision and grasp organizational aspirations and create an attitude throughout the organization to enable our best work. Her leadership approach with departmental managers earned her the highest respect and admiration throughout the organization.

Tony Manzella, President/Owner Manzella Productions

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